Welcome to TAStraducciones. My name is Teresa Aguilar Sánchez and I am a translator and proofreader. Apart from professional translation, TAStraducciones can provide other services in specialised fields such as interpreting, proofreading and linguistic consultancy.

The translation of a document or other type of text is a complex task. There is a widespread belief that anybody who knows two or more languages can translate reliably. However, not all texts have the same level of difficulty when it comes to translating them.

A good translator is able to adapt to different kinds of linguistic register. A word-for-word translation can completely ruin aspects of the source text, such as the intention of the author, the matching of the message to the sociocultural environment, the level of courtesy, etc. Each language has its own usages and conventions, and professional translators are best qualified to evaluate these kinds of issues.

If you need a reliable translation, be sure to use a professional translator.

Málaga (Spain)