At TAStraducciones you can request the following services:

• Medical and Health Translation. At TAStraducciones you will find a medical translation professional, accredited by Jaume I University in Castellón de la Plana, and member of TREMÉDICA (International Association of Translators and Editors in Medicine and Related Sciences). This type of specialised translation encompasses scientific texts, specialised articles, talks, clinical trials, promotional texts in the pharmaceutical field, etc.

• Translation of other types of texts. Translation of all types of texts, in fields as wide-ranging as legal documents (no sworn translations), webpages, blogs, environment, literature, tourism, and a long etcetera.

• Consecutive Interpreting and Liaison Interpreting. TAStraducciones enables communication between two parties speaking different languages, either by taking notes (consecutive) or by relaying without notes (liaison).

• Proofreading of texts in Spanish. Spelling mistakes, incorrect grammar and any inappropriate or improper use of Spanish language.

• Translation revision. A revision is a check of any type of translation by a professional translator.

• Linguistic consultancy. The figure of the linguistic consultant is of special relevance for marketing and advertising companies, although this service is also of great use for businesses and projects which need to resolve language issues or receive specialised advice on texts with varying levels of difficulty.

Please leave a message in the Contact section if you require more information.

Language Combination

At TAStraducciones we work mainly with English and Spanish languages, although other language combinations may be available on request.

Málaga (Spain)